Contains: BLACK PEPPER, LAVENDER, MARJORAM, PEPPERMINT AND ROSEMARY Essential OilsCharacteristics: This blend helps people struggling with constipation. It helps in providing such people a gentle and a soothing alternative for the treatment of constipation. It relieves body, mind and spirit from short time continuing stress. It deeply penetrates into the skin and helps in relaxing the muscles and dullness and pains. It is not a medical miracle. It just helps the mind & body by soothing muscles and relaxing the nerves. It helps in inducing relaxation and reduce occasional nervous tensions. It helps in reducing stress from tiredness and irritation. It is ideal for both pre and post workout.. The blend has been made after feedback from clients and is being liked by most. Usage:  Constipation Relief Blend is used on tummy to using your fingertips in a clockwise motion massaging downwards using both the hands. Drink plenty of water before massaging. A simple massage on the tummy helps in encouraging the movement of the waste in your body. It is a pre-blended in a mix of premium Sweet Almond Oil, Jojoba Oil. They are ready for immediate use. This blend has been specifically drafted to cut out the cost of using different oils in isolations and also making them available at one door step.

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Ancient healer Constipation Relief blend 1000ml     

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